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Monday, 19 November 2012

Labour Loses three out four Police Commissioners in Wales

Its always good to see Labour lose.  They had such high hopes in our police area and then an Independent nicks Gwent from under their noses and thus their barrister candidate flees back to London.  While the turn out vindicated Plaids stance on the subject that there was little enthusiasm for the posts, the vote confirmed our view that people feel that the police should not be politicised. We will have to wait and see what impact the new commissioners will have, but in the meantime we can feel happy that a nice well paid job has been denied to a Labour hack.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Leanne Refuses to take extra pay

Leanne Wood has refused to accept a pay rise of £20,000 as leader of a political group on the Assembly.  This has been immediately praised by Caerffili`s real AM Lindsay Whittle as a principled decision which contrasts with the big bucks that certain political leaders get out of politics. Carwyn J, who is on over £120,000 according to a report in Golwg recently refused a demand by Leanne Wood to condemn UK Labour local governement leaders who are raking in the cash under the guise of extra responsibilities

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Leanne in Caerffili

It was great to see Leanne Wood helping the campaign to retain control of Caerffili Borough Council by going walkabout along Cardiff Road and the Twyn on thursday 12 April.  A good turnout by members ensured a highly visible presence which was rewarded with an encouraging response from shoppers.